We offer Newbie Protocols and meal planning classes!

Our PreDetox Protocols includes 3 steps:
1. Preparation on how to detox
2. Practice how to juice without caving in
3. Learning to post detox and adopting a plant-based lifestyle

We designed a launch off platform to help people detox safely. In fact in our 30 years combined experience we have worked with countless healing crisis/detox symptoms which could have been eased and in some cases avoided if the body was more prepared and eliminative channels were clear. We provide a thorough education on what detox symptoms may occur and how to calm the situation naturally.

Our Meal-Planning Classes:
Learning how to PreDetox helped so many break their mucus forming food addictions. From cheese, breads, rice, coffees and sugar, we help you end those desires NATURALLY! In your private or group classes you are given the food list that will help you break your attachments to acidic foods. Easy planning will make it simple to prepare your meals.

Our program is not just about weight loss and making you younger, it’s about expanding your inner wisdom to learn how to communicate with your body. Learn on how to accelerate healing naturally!

We would love to meet you and get you on your path to wellness. Our one on one consults are by appointment only, at our shop or on phone. Our classes are held every other week. Contact us for more info.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Loves and hugs,
PreDetox Wellness Team