Attracting Your Tribe

How to find yourself while seeking positive people in your life that fits your vibe.

Seeking like minded happy or positive people in general when your spirit yearns a healthy distraction, also helps find you! Folks who reminds you of you with their upbeat spirit, laugh and charisma are looking for you! Seeking you!

Usually high energy folks are all over the place so a couple hellos may be needed to get their attention, don’t take it personally if they don’t respond! High vibe folks are flying and healing the masses, you will eventually connect.

So meanwhile keep reach out with upbeat souls. Keep going and adding them to your vibe tribe. Remember names, their holistic interests and passions. Clarity will come and you will be reminded of your dreams, your visions.

Sometimes we forget who we are because of the worries and static energetic around us. We then invite pain and dis-ease by feeling lost. By watching inspiring people being the best version of them selves, will motivate us to be part of the “take action” wave.

Feel free to observe the happiness of others. Be grateful to watch and learn. Try not to be be pouty or jealous, because these same people you may be envious of,  may just be the mentors needed in your life to elevate your energy.

Happy people like to share their energy and are not threatened with anyone’s success!

No longer depend on individuals who are still finding there way. Depend on your energy and trust your being.

Raise your vibration by just being the LOVE that you are. Share your happiness with no resistance.

You are attracting positive people that are seeking your kind and gentle heart. This is something you must believe!

All you need is a little boost of enthusiasm and focus on your progress, not your past.